Yan Yan Biscuits with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream Dip 44g

Indulge in one of Japan’s favourite sweet biscuit and dip treats with Meiji’s YanYan. Coming in a tall cup, this tasty snack consists of crunchy, sweet, biscuit sticks with a wonderfully smooth choco-hazelnut dip. Have your snack your way with your desired amount of sweet and nutty coating.


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Ingredients - Allergens in bold

Wheat flour, Vegetable oils (Palm, Soya bean high oleic sunflower, Hydrogenated rapeseed), Sugar, Whole milk powder. Skim milk powder: Cocoa mass, Hazelnut paste. Cocoa powder. Salt, Leavening agents (Sodium bicarbonate, Ammonium bicarbonate), Emulsifiers (Soya lecithin, Sucrose esters of fatty acids). Cheese powder: [Cheddar cheese: (Microbial enzyme). Whey. Emulsifier (E339 (ii)). Lactic acid]. Yeast, Artificial vanilla chocolate, hazelnut and nut roasted flavourings.| Contains permitted flavouring. Contains emulsifier as permitted food conditioner. Food additives derived from plant and synthetic origin. |Vegetable oils are plant origin.


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